While the concept of designing custom boxes for milestones is not new, per se, the past couple of years have underscored the importance of connecting to people creatively and with impact. In ways both big and small, customized packaging can honor the moment and build excitement for the future. Whether someone is starting a new position, graduating from university, or embarking on the journey of higher education, branded boxes mark milestones with style.  

Commemorate Big Moments in Education With Custom Milestone Boxes 

COVID-19 has changed the landscape, and that includes the college experience. Whether new students find themselves physically in the classroom, navigating hybrid learning, or are studying remotely, a custom box reaches out with school spirit. Custom packaging puts the welcome back in back-to-school. Design custom boxes emblazoned with the image of a mascot and school colors. Include logo’d school supplies, a letter of greeting, and a customized mug. 

Graduation from college is a major milestone, and one that deserves special acknowledgement. Celebration boxes may include a diploma, memorabilia, and school swag announcing the new grad’s alumnus status. A custom graduation box is a meaningful way to put the capper on a tremendous accomplishment. 

Onboard New Members of the Team with Custom Welcome Boxes 

Successful onboarding is crucial for both a new team member and the company as a whole. Getting off to a good start in a fresh position means having the necessary tools and information at hand. Customized packaging can help streamline the onboarding experience and say welcome aboard.  

What does a new team member need from the gate, and what might they want or appreciate? Perhaps that list includes a parking pass and map, or a history of the company and its ethos, with profiles of some other key team members. A box can deliver a company laptop and other necessary technology. Whatever elements a company chooses, customized packaging presents a professional and warm welcome.  

  • Necessary data, including office protocols and parking information 
  • Corporate bios to introduce team members 
  • Corporate handbook or USB that outlines corporate policy 
  • Custom swag including a coffee mug, logo apparel, and other tokens of appreciation 
  • Essential tech 

Building a custom box for onboarding both welcomes a new team member and eases the transition into a new environment. 

Celebrate Achievement and Loyalty and Promotions with Custom Milestone Boxes

As important as it is to attract a strong team, it is just as crucial to maintain it. An expression of appreciation and gratitude goes a long way toward making a team member feel valued. According to Quantum Workplace, employee recognition pays off in both production and retention. Encourage the loyalty of good people with custom boxes to honor a milestone or to recognize special achievement.  

Sincerity is the core value of effective employee recognition. Team members, like anybody, want to feel seen and heard for the individuals they are. Let them know you’re paying attention with a personalized package. For example, suppose a team member with an upcoming work anniversary is a running enthusiast. You can celebrate their employment milestone with a branded box that contains a water bottle and athletic wear printed with the company logo, as well as a paid entry fee for an upcoming race.  

Honor your whole team with random acts of kindness. Utilize custom packaging to send each team member a sample of a new product, complete with a printed thank you note. Custom packaging supports the message that you see and appreciate your team for the valuable individuals they are, and are eager to keep the momentum going.  

At BeBoxing, customized packaging means even our options have options. Let us help you create the ideal custom boxes for any occasion. Get in touch to learn more.