When weighing all the factors that promote and enrich brand identity, it pays to consider how custom packaging impacts your brand. Looks are important, of course. You want your brand to be instantly recognizable. Other factors include appropriate product protection, minimal waste, and a unique and pleasant experience. Thoughtful customized packaging will support your brand in ways that are both obvious and subtle. Packaging presents an ideal opportunity to connect directly to your customers in a way that builds brand awareness and loyalty. 

Make a Lasting First Impression With Custom Packaging 

Customized packaging provides an opportunity to deliver a personal marketing moment to every one of your customers. The choices you make around packaging reflect on the product itself. Before your customer has your product in hand, they’ve experienced the box or package. 

Make an unforgettable first impression with an appealing use of brand colors and optimally placed logos. Great visuals build anticipation in the same way a beautifully wrapped present inspires delight, even before the recipient knows what’s inside. Make sure the process for opening and unboxing is intuitive. Once the package is open, your customer will appreciate, consciously or not, the deep thought and care that went into perfectly protecting and framing their purchase. With custom packaging, the first impression your brand makes is great by design. 

The more eye-catching and efficient the package, the more excitement and trust the customer will feel for the product inside. 

Better Protection with Custom Packaging

There is nothing generic about your brand, so why choose a one-size-fits-all package to protect it? Maintaining the integrity of your product from point A to point B and beyond is job one. Customized packaging ensures that what’s inside will emerge pristine from its wrappings, no matter the journey. Right-sized packaging is the difference between a bench seat on the bus and bucket seats. You may get there either way, but one’s going to deliver in much better shape. In addition to size, consider factors such as fragility, perishability, and void fill when designing the perfect package for your brand. 

Custom Packaging Tells a Story from the Start

Branding is a process that extends through every stage and element of your business. Much more than a logo, a brand is a set of values and a way of being. It is, foremost, the manner by which other people will see, experience, and think of your company. Whether a customer is introduced to your product online or in person, the packaging tells an important part of your brand story. How does custom packaging play a part? 

Here are a few examples of how the package supports your message:

  • Focused use of brand colors and logo
  • Convenient format for expressing brand values
  • Visible commitment to design and sustainability

Where your brand is concerned, make sure your packaging tells the whole story.

Boxing Is Unboxing

When is a box not simply a box? The answer is when it becomes part of a shared experience. Social media unboxings are the gift that keeps giving for brand identity. Get your brand ready for its Insta closeup with custom packaging or custom mailer boxes that wows from delivery to unboxing. Add a printed message to the inside of the box that expresses your company’s values, and include a personalized printed note or postcard. It’s the little gestures that turn a pleasant moment into a post to remember! 

It’s never been easier to design and produce packaging that protects as it should while promoting your company brand. Get in touch with BeBoxing to learn more about customized packaging options that make your brand stand out from the rest.