Deciding how to use custom packaging for product launches is a big part of any discussion about how custom packaging effects branding. A launch is a thrilling event! The packaging design will, ideally, build anticipation in addition to providing the appropriate protection. Custom packaging is an opportunity to celebrate a new or re-introduced product while extending your brand message to your desired audience. 

The conversation around “how” begins with an assessment of what is actually needed. The mandate for custom packaging is to maintain the integrity of the product, showcase the product, and deliver a message that inspires excitement along with brand awareness and loyalty. Through that lens, top concerns for custom packaging include quality, quantity, graphic design, and the overall experience for the customer.  

Find the Perfect Fit for Product Launches with Custom Packaging 

When designing custom packaging for a launch, the first question must relate to functionality. Beautiful presentation goes hand-in-hand with an excellent fit—so, size matters. Qualities to look for in the perfect custom packaging for product launches include: 

  • Will the product be properly protected in transit? 
  • Does the packaging accommodate any additional brand collateral without overcrowding the box or obscuring the product being launched? 
  • Is the packaging representative of your brand in design and sustainability?  

A well-designed custom package will build excitement before your customer lifts the lid and will deliver on that anticipation by revealing the beautifully packaged—and protected—product within. 

Build Flexibility Into Your Launch 

Digital print options offer terrific flexibility when it comes to custom packaging for your product launch. Digital print is cost effective for short or limited print runs. In addition, re-orders and design updates are quick and uncomplicated. Why is this important for a product launch? Here are a few good reasons to go digital for your custom packaging: 

  • Save on storage costs and warehouse space with smaller orders and print runs 
  • Don’t miss a beat or drop a customer when your product launch succeeds wildly—re-orders are quick and easy 
  • Change or tweak the design to suit   

Digital print gives you the tools to launch your product in style, and land with impact.  

Build Excitement With Custom Packaging 

Custom packaging for your product launch empowers you to do something a little different while remaining true to your brand. A short-term print run for a launch allows for some play in design. Feel free to design artwork specific to the launch and outreach. New graphics can add temporal interest while maintaining harmony with your brand philosophy and aesthetics. Artwork can include a seasonal or regional element, too. Combine fresh artwork with the company logo to infuse your brand identity with new energy. To ensure a through line, consider creating a custom design that incorporates your brand colors and fonts! 

Unboxing: Make It an Event, Not a Gauntlet 

When it comes to designing custom packaging for product launches, make it special, but not difficult. Added-value additions such as special offers can, indeed, add value. However, remember not to obscure the product being launched. It’s the star of the show! In addition, think sustainable. Simple, efficient, eco-friendly packaging that doesn’t require special tools and superhuman patience to open will deliver a more satisfying experience for your customer.  

There’s another advantage to a beautiful custom package that’s easy to open. The process of opening it looks good on social media when one of your influencers reveals the fabulous product inside the box. Make sure your launch is camera-ready! 

The print professionals at BeBoxing are happy to support your product launch at every step, starting with high-quality, stand-out custom packaging and mailer boxes. Get in touch to explore what’s possible.